Inspiration: Voice recognition software and QR coding that is currently used around the world as well as Google's AI interface and data driven software.

What it does: Gives patients a user friendly AI that is able to remind, relay and retrieve information regarding hospital or medical institutional visits, as well as act as a tool to monitor patient progression during their rehabilitation.

How I built it: We built it using the Google Cloud app framework, as-well as Google slides

Challenges I ran into: Being unfamiliar with Google Cloud we had difficulties generating an app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We used MyGoodBarber App to create the product for this project, and we were able to successfully create what we had envisioned.

What I learned: Having coding or prior knowledge in the coding related field especially in app development is able to help design a finished product.

What's next for CAMA - Cloud Artificial Medical Assistant

Use Google Cloud to mimic what we developed on GoogleBarber so that google cloud can incorporate other Google related tools and applications such as Google Calendar, Google Maps and Google's Tools.

References we used in the powerpoint video are linked at the end of the video where we reference any images we used for our project, as well as referring to the Wix software for the production of our logo and the MyGoodBarber Application to produce the screen captured app function.

In addition, the youtube video that is linked on the video presentation when our presentation is referring to its feature and "CAMA x Test Results" slide, was gathered from:

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