Often people are troubled with not knowing what show is on. With アニメCam you can now find out!

What it does

You can take a photo or screenshot of an anime or manga scene and send it to our API. This API will then reply with exactly what anime it is from, which episode, and the time in the episode the scene is at.

How we built it

We used a Python Flask server in the back end which has an endpoint which takes the parameter of an image link. There is a web page which was built with HTML and CSS from scratch which touches our endpoint. The application itself was made using React Native and Expo. The anime search functionality uses the API The image uploading is done through converting the binary to base64 and then pushing to Imgur using the Imgur API.

Challenges we ran into

To most of us, this was our first hackathon. We are very new to coding and some haven't coded at all in their lives. Uploading an image to imgur from a phone taking a photo was not intuitive at all and took a while to figure out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning Python, HTML, and CSS in one night. We learned how to work with APIs, use Github, and use terminal. We created a working application when taking a perfect photo or uploading a screenshot.

What we learned

Everything in our project is new and learned. We learned how to use the API as well as the Imgur API.

What's next for アニメCam

Expand beyond only anime to all sorts of shows. Develop a powerful mobile application which can take photos and upload online for analysis. Have user accounts to store anime data and communicate with the web app.

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