A remote control App to adjust and take pictures with Gear remotely, using camera of onnected smart phone.

***How to use

1)By opening Cam Remocon app on the Gear, the connected phone’s camera is automatically activated

2) Click on ‘Preview’ button to view preview before taking photos. Click on ‘Shutter’ button to take photo with the connected phone. The photo is saved in ‘Camremocon’ folder of the connected phone.

3) Following settings can be set by Gear without having to operate the phone

-The size of the photo

-Flash mode

-Zoom ratio

***Usages and features

-Take selfies with high resolution rear camera of phone

-Take pictures loking at Gear remocon screen

-When it’s hard to preview with the phone, preview with the Gear remotely and take photos

-Even when the phone's screen is off, Cam Remocon’s preview and photographing still works fine.

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