• Want to schedule meetings with customers, clients, and coworkers with minimal hassle?
  • Want help taking care of potential meeting conflicts?
  • Calvite can help! Just connect it with your calendar preferences, and have it be available 24/7 to interact with people who want to meet you!

What it does

CalVite can read your calendar and interact with people who’d like to meet you, to find the best date, time, and even location for meeting up.

How we built it

The chat and/or voice interaction is built with DialogFlow. We have a REST API to securely interact with Google Calendar.

Challenges we ran into

Working on various ways that people can talk with CalVite, and best way to securely connect with Google Calendar (ended up using a service account which users can share their calendar with).

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

End-to-end flow implemented in about 1 day.

What we learned

DialogFlow designs, Dashbot integration, Google Calendar integration, API webhooks.

What's next for CalVite

Demo and get feedback!

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