Inspiration The inspiration is just my desire to learn new things

What it does It does nothing. it was intended to be able to perform CRUD operations using cockroach DB.

How we built it it was built using nodejs, express, cockroach Db and hosted on Linode Cloud. Code is available on GITHUB.

Challenges we ran into The challenges are quite numerous for me. I am totally new to cockroach DB and Linode. I did alot of googling to overcome some of the problems. by the way, Cockroach DB has an awesome documentation, it was really helpful

Accomplishments that we're proud of I am proud of the fact I was able to use some of my previous skills to create a table in cockroach DB in an automated way using child_process and bash shell script, contrary to what I saw in the documentation.

What we learned I learned about cockroach DB and Linode cloud. I was able to work with both technologies to some extent

What's next for Calorymita

Nothing for now

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