Caloriecoin E2E (Exercise To Earn) Dapp using Smart IoT Jump Rope

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Pitch and Game Mode Video https://www.notion.so/Caloriecoin-Videos-f4789a3048f64d36bcc87721d7854333
Apk Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wrDoxUCu4svn9naFK8T5brttiv59GWmI/view?usp=sharing
UI/UX https://scene.zeplin.io/project/62362808dccdd4172281adee

☑️2.Problem- Solution Ideas


Exercises, including jumping rope, have a problem that they are boring because there is no motivational means.

Caloriecoin Oasis Dapp “JumpCoin” solves this problem.

Solution 01) Exercise To Earn (E2E)

Calorie Coins are paid as a reward for jumping rope Excercise. With caloriecoin, You can purchase items such as scales , fitness center tickets selling by the caloriecoin company, or withdraw caloriecoin into real cash.

Solution 02) JumpRope Match Game on Metaverse

Users eachother in New York and San Francisco, or San Francisco with Seoul Korea can play jump rope match game in real time on Metaverse. The winner can acquire caloriecoins by smart contract. It gonna be very interesting jump rope match game

Solution 03) NFT items connecting Real world with Metaverse

purchasing game NFT items worn by the Metaverse Avatar, sending same a real product tagged NFT QR code. (Yoga clothes, smartwatch , jumprope etc..) It connects metaverse and the real World into one same space.

☑️3.Differentiation with Existing Products

Existing IoT skipping ropes simply collect exercise record data,There is no jump rope using E2E, metaverse game , and NFT
But Calorie coin jump rope has a distinct difference in ideas compared to existing products. Using Metaverse technology and Oasis blockchain technology

☑️4.Development State

01) IoT Hardware Development State

JumpRope hardware products have also been developed up to the mass production stage.

02) SoftWare DApp Development State

SW demo development has been completed. that is not simply UI/UX image, but is available for actual sale. Please check App video link below.

03) Oasis BlockChain Development State

Plese check Caloriecoin Token minting and transaction record on OASIS blockchian By jumpCoin dapplication.

Link : https://testnet.explorer.emerald.oasis.dev/token/0xdE31e05F96511aa485DDC4a17F043f31109599eE/token-transfers

☑️5.Business Plan

01) TradeMark Registeration

Brand name Caloriecoin that is easy to connect with the concept of E2E is currently registered. by CEO BAEK KWANG IL on EURO , south korea , Singapole including USA

02) Short Term Plan : Selling Smart Rope

Demo Dapp is on testnet. But After Transfering OASIS main network , Business Plan is to crowdfunding through Kickstarter in August , and selling the products on Amazon in November.

03) Long Term Plan : Smart IoT Prodects

The Calorie Coin team will not just stop at the jumping rope service, but will expand the items to include scales, hula hoops, core exercise equipment, smart tape measure, trade mill, smart watch, spinning bike, heart rate monitor, yoga mat, etc.

04) Long Term Plan : World Frist BlockChain Fitness Center in Seoul Korea

In addition, in 2023, the Calorie Coin team will be the first in the world’s blockchain history to launch a blockchain FitnessCenter in Seoul,South Korea. Receiving investment from VC, aiming to open a fitness center in the United States Too.

☑️6.CalorieCoin Team

Caloriecoin is fitness tech-based blockchain Startup and sports Equipment distribution company in south korea aiming USA market Also wonderful team member with Good developer , Designer and Product Manager
Detail Link : https://periodic-packet-362.notion.site/Introduction-_-CalorieCoin-Team-ed33d31eeb784f15ac9587c1a04428d7

☑️7. Contact and Links

Phone Number : +82 1033753948
Email : 100k1@naver.com
HomePage : https://runmatefitness.imweb.me/

Link URL
Demo videos https://www.notion.so/Caloriecoin-Videos-f4789a3048f64d36bcc87721d7854333
GitHub https://github.com/caloriecoin
Apk Download https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wrDoxUCu4svn9naFK8T5brttiv59GWmI/view?usp=sharing
UI/UX https://scene.zeplin.io/project/62362808dccdd4172281adee
Oasis Token Transaction https://testnet.explorer.emerald.oasis.dev/token/0xdE31e05F96511aa485DDC4a17F043f31109599eE/token-transfers
PitchDeck PPT https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1wm_lbm0ESzmNJKpVwdGocajEVD9xoyn8/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=111350305339741841042&rtpof=true&sd=true

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