☑️Ⅰ.Project Introduction Total Page

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  Project Total Introduction Documents

☑️Ⅱ.Why calororiecoin did build it and What it does?

1.P2E(play to Exercise & Earn) and Token economy ( NFT MarketStore)

Exercise often becomes boring because there is no proper motivator.
If we could provide Calorie Coin, a blockchain token, as a reward for exercising< Wouldn't it be fun to exercise and make money with health?
What if you didn't stop at just exchanging CalorieCoins with the real money, but bought several NFT scales, smart watches, yoga mats, yoga clothes, gym tickets, etc.?

2. Let's Battle jump rope with Betting CalorieCoin , SmartContract !

It is not just a skipping rope game, but it increases the fun of the game by betting calorie coins and writing a SmartContract that allows the winner to take the Caloriecoins.

3. Data integrity proved by Storing the exercise data in the blockchain

Health insurance companies want to acquire exercise data with proven integrity. Decentralized exercise data rather than centralized exercise data can prove the integrity of the data.

4. NFT Makes Unification and Coincidence between Real world and Meta world

▶Example of Unification and Coincidence

  1)If I get caught on the line, the character gets caught on the line as well.
  2) If you weigh yourself on a smart scale, an NFT character similar to your body type is created.
  3) Heart rate data is received from the smartwatch, and when the heart rate is high, the character sweats and makes a difficult expression.
  4) The NFT-tagged yoga clothes I wore The NFT yoga clothes the avatar wore were the same design. (If you buy an NFT item to wear on the avatar,NFT-tagged products of the same design will be sent to you.)

There is absolutely no reason to sell only paintings as NFTs.
For the first time in the world, Caloriecoin teams will sell fitness exercise equipment with virtual items and NFT tagging of Real products.

☑️Ⅲ.Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. GithubLink of Caloriecoin
  2. Application Demonstrate video
  3. UI/UX Link of Caloriecoin
  4. IoT HardWare of Caloriecoin

☑️Ⅳ.How Caloriecoin work (tech-stack)?

☑️Ⅴ.Challenges And What We learned And Thank you

As a product to understand the concept, it seems to be well made In a short time, and the front application for US users was created through this Berkeley Hackathon. However, Product-MarketFit is not yet proven. By continuously developing the application, we will continue to conduct hypothesis tests on whether it is suitable for PMF. Luck comes to those who sow the seeds of challenge. We learned the spirit of challenge and gratitude for our dreams.We would like to thank the organizers and participants who made it possible for me to take on the challenge with an open mind.

☑️Ⅵ.Why Does CalorieCoin team participate BlockChain Hackathon

1. Caloriecoin Team wants to find Partners in US

Caloriecoin Team plans to have an office 2023 in the western part of the United States. especially California. Our Team vision is large and global not only staying small and local.

US NFT Blockchain Market is much larger than anyother countries. SoWe need team member in US. somewhat We could find partners or team members to share the vision with.

☑️Ⅶ. What's next for CalorieCoin

1.Expansion of Region

not only local country but also expand to the world especially most powerful contry US Market.

2.Expansion of Selling Channel

not only selling e-commerce channel Amazon , but also selling products on NFT market

3.Expansion of IoT Platform

caloriecoin never limited only jump-rope also expand IOT fitness tech for example homeTreadmill, smartWatch, weitght scale , spinning bike...... etc. So caloriecoin platfrom and value will gonna expand. Also one of the goal is to apply blockchain gym cost cashback system into fitnessCenter and first blockchain gym center.

prototype of fitness center blockchain system

4.Expansion of Dream and vison

Our team believes that within 10 years, like in the drama Black Mirror, riding a spinning bicycle, making money by watching advertisements. We have a vision that a world where IoT exercise equipment becomes a blockchain mining machine will come.

It's not a far much distant story. alreadyP2E games such as Axie Infinity are already common in developing countries such as Vietnam Philippines and Brazil.

☑️Ⅷ. Feel Free to Contact to CalorieCoin

We Welcome you ! Any Questions will do , any advices will do

Anyone sharing caloriecoin vision will do for Team feel free to contact. (Student, Developer , Marketer ,AC , VC , ...)

Homepage: https://runmatefitness.imweb.me/

Email : 100k1@naver.com

Call : +821033753948

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