With everyone looking for a new simple way to track calories, using your purchases and Capital One's API and Wolfram Alpha's API one can see how many calories a month on average you are consuming.

What it does

Taking purchases and looking at the descriptions based on Merchant and Purchase data from Capital one, it finds the food item and asks the amount of calories in Wolfram. After this, it sums up all of the food items in that month and will output the average over 30 days.

How I built it

I used jQuery and used my other coding knowledge to attempt to piece the program together with help from online.

Challenges I ran into

Capital One's API went down for awhile so I had to code around that until it was back up. I also had issues with trying to graph the data to make it more user friendly

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This is one of the first major projects of done with Javascript after being self-taught over winter break.

What I learned

I learned a lot about Javascript and utilizjng APIs.

What's next for Calorie Tracker

Hopefully I can get the graph to accurately depict the data.

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