Inspiration: We have a lot of apps for calorie calculation, and we also have lots of information about the food in our dinning hall; but we don't know what to eat healthily in the dinning hall: and that is what our calculator does!

What it does: Calculate the calorie you need everyday based on your physical statistics and recommend food from UCSC dinning hall for you.

How I built it: we use a open source package BeautifulSoup in python and use the calculation formula from the Institute of Medicine website.

Challenges I ran into: the part to read text from the websites needs an API that I never used before; also, figuring out which part of html we should look into to get useful information is also challenging since both of us know little about html.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: we have our first hackathon! Everything for us is a big step to the further programming lol.

What I learned: how to use the python frame of BeautifulSoup to extracting content from html and also the first time for hackathon! Hack for passion!

What's next for Calorie Calculator for UCSC Students

We wish to include a map link for every location, include a classification for all the food, like "Chinese food", "European food", "Latin American food", etc, and also include a rating system like yelp that can provide ratings and review for reference.

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