Life is very stressful, especially lately, so we wanted to create a calm space where users could escape from the world's stressors for a short time.

What it does

This site includes 3 main features:

  1. Chatbot : Our built in chatbot allows the user to express their feeling and connect.
  2. Relaxing Music : We embedded a Spotify player to play a playlist of relaxing nature sounds.
  3. Calming Visuals : We offer inspirational quotes and aesthetically pleasing backgrounds such as mountain landscapes and calming rain on our home page.

How we built it

Calm space was built using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The smooth quotes overlaying and the parallax effect on the image was done using JavaScript. The basic text and styling was done using CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Finding a good ChatBot to use (we initially tried working with Rasa, but found it to be much easier to use, and working with the HTML/CSS to create smooth movement on the homepage. Originally, we intended to create a more complete parallax effect that would fade the different backgrounds into each other, but unfortunately we were not able to get that working fully in time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it all working so fast and making it so nice to look at! The chatbot was really cool as well and interacts with the users smoothly. The styling was challenging to make it the best user experience but in the end our team was able to create a smooth UI for the user.

What we learned

How to integrate a ChatBot and Spotify player into a website, and how to combine HTML, CSS, and JS for an optimal user experience.

What's next for Calm Space

Training the chat bot : In the future we'd want to train our bot to communicate not only about the user's feelings but also about their daily lives. We want to make the bot more 'human-like' that can connect with people in real time.

Mobile friendly : We want to make out webpage more compatible with mobile devices, so people can have a calm space anywhere.

Add more visuals : Adding more visually appealing backgrounds and more relaxing Spotify playlists to create and even calmer space.

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