The theme itself inspires me to work on mental health. Mental health is one of the most faced issue in this online world. Students, teachers, job professional and even businessman/woman(no discrimination lol) face this issue. So, this app will not only help to sleep but also help them achieve a better life.

What it does

Calm App helps users to schedule their sleep, meditation and exercise schedule. Also, in-app they can use songs to meditate which heals mind. There are always top 10 healing music that will help them. Notifications for sleep and exercise are so restrict just like our Moms they will ping you to check you're asleep at specific time and you're are exercising. If you say No then it will ping you again that what is this behaviour.

  • The Progress Bar shows current progress

How we built it

A very long process in short.... We teamed up every day in this 3 day hackathon on discord, worked on app by splitting up our work. Helping each other when stucked.

Challenges we ran into

While builting we ran into 2 main challenges
  • Notification at specific time
  • Calendar UI designing as you can see what we design in Adobe XD and what we got in really(screenshots soon uploading)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud that we were able to complete the app how much we thought of. Atleast main functionality for user works

What we learned

Adding progress bar Notifying user to sleep Creating a calendar UI

What's next for Calm App

  • Integrate Youtube in-app for video songs
  • Integrate Spotify for meditation and exercise music
  • adding exercise schedule builder
  • An image based Notifications
  • Button based Notifications

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