Everyone needs a simple and efficient way to keep their busy lives organized. We took inspiration from the concept of bullet journals and made it into an on-the-go format to keep up with a user's personal expenses and mental health.

What it does

Calluna has two main features: a mood tracker and an expense tracker. In the mood tracker, users can log their mood for each day in a monthly calendar format. At the end of each month, the user will have a visual overview of their mood for that month. In addition, the expense tracker allows users to log their expenses by date, item, and expense amount. In the end, an overview of the user's expenses are provided as well.

How we built it

Users can sign into Calluna using their Google accounts. We implemented this feature with the Google Cloud platform Firebase. The User Interface was coded using the Swift language in Xcode.

Challenges we ran into

While implementing our expense tracker feature, we found it difficult to transfer data between different view controllers within the program. Additionally, while implementing the Google sign-in, we had issues with making sure the client ID would connect to Google cloud properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Overall, we are proud of our entire project and all of the features we added. The one accomplishment that we are most proud of is the Google sign-in. We were also proud of the fact that we created an app that allows users to be provided with a holistic overview of their mental health each month. It was also notable that we allow users to keep track of their expenses in an organized manner.

What we learned

Throughout this weekend, we learned Swift from scratch. We also learned how to implement APIs into our projects. We learned how to persevere and trouble shoot through debugging. We learned how to implement our knowledge of other programming languages into Swift, which we were unfamiliar with. We learned about the integrated development environment for macOC, XCode.

What's next for Calluna

We plan to add more features in the app, including journaling, a habit tracker, daily goals, and much more. In addition, we hope to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to provide a personalized experience for users.

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