Technology has turned get-togethers with friends into dull, boring, and anti-social experiences. Instead of interacting with the people that we are surrounded by, we get distracted by our phones,social media, and technology in general. The reality of our friends turning into these “phone-controlled zombies” has completely destroyed the modern party experience. Callouts is an innovative way to recreate the genuine social interaction that we desire so much. By asking entertaining questions about the people that are a physical part of your environment, Callouts transforms the smartphone into a device that promotes substantial social interaction, rather than one that takes it all away. Our product recreates the uplifting environment that we each expect from a time spent with friends in an easy-going, fun and exciting manner.

How it works

Callouts is an interactive multiplayer game that brings the party back to life! Each round consists of a question or a mini-game, in which the players are asked to vote or play accordingly. Awkward yet hilarious questions like “Who would you throw off a sinking ship first” make this game brutally honest, yet simple and fun. At the end of the round, a countdown reveals the players with the most votes, signaling the losers (or some might say winners) to take a drink of their favorite beverage. Refill your drink and onto the next round!

Challenges I ran into

The challenges were endless, from creating the best possible game-play experience, to making sure there aren't any bugs and the product is what users today epecxt to get when download an app!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We already have over 100 5 star reviews on the app store and are expanding fast across campuses all over the world! Callouts was already featured in several newspapers/blogs and is on its way to many more!

What I learned

I learned a lot about design, iOS dev, using frameworks, gameplay, user behavior. It's been an awesome experience and extremely challenging, but incredibly fun.

What's next for Callouts

We envision Callouts is turning into a platform where people can upload the exciting moments with their friends in a more personalized, unique, and privacy-safe environment. Theres a lot of great things we are going to be adding to Callouts, but we would love to hear any feedback that you might have!

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