After suffering the frustrations of trying to efficiently deal with out of hours call outs (juggling of numbers, calendars, email, etc) with just a phone where many apps don't talk to each other.

What it does

Uses existing on-call information shared via Outlook calendars to populate a list of up-to-date and relevant contacts who can be dialled at the touch of a button. Adds in automated email auditing to finish the job.

How I built it

Used the new Microsoft Office 365 APIs to interact with both Calendar and Email for users. It's a native app built in Java based on some of the example programs in the Office dev centre.

Challenges I ran into

I'm not a Java programmer and pretty new to Android so it took a fair old while to get my head around the examples and get modify them for my needs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Mainly just glad I got something working! Also, this is based on a real-world issue that I have encountered many times at work so, with a bit more work, it would be good to put it to use.

What I learned

A fair bit of Java. Although anyone reading my source code disagree. Also, first ever time making a video.

What's next for Callout Manager

A few changes to be sure but then will put it to use. Next will be a companion app to make it easier for those on-call to be able to manage their contact numbers and schedules, etc

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