Acts of misogyny and microaggressions in the workplace happen all too often. We wanted to provide women with the tools and confidence to deal with these uncomfortable situations in a safe, virtual space.

Concept of Operations

CALL OUT is a website that will allow users to practice responding to misogynistic microaggressions through incentivize repeated practice with “Bravery Points” that can grow your virtual wellness garden.

Development Requirements

Website : Shall have an embedded video Shall reward points based on number of time user does the interactive practice Shall have sample responses for users Shall have a main splash page with the name of product and mission statement Shall have a sample scenario listing page (only one scenario shall be active for this demo) Shall have one active scenario description page Shall have one active scenario call page

Pages : Shall (with exception of splash page) have a consistent navigation bar at the top of page: Logo, Home, About, My Scenarios, Points

Video : Shall simulate a call containing a misogynistic microaggression Shall prompt user response

System Specs

Website : Layout mimics a video call Input data: number of times a user completes interaction with a video Output data: Bravery Points (Stretch: badge system? perks?) Use Bootstrap-supplied CSS, overriding elements to match palette Color palette: welcoming, calming Four pages: Main splash page, Scenario selection page, a Scenario sample description page, a sample scenario call page


During the testing phase, we asked fellow women at HackXX to test our product and provide us feedback. The suggestions included: Ask men to use the product Give generic answer suggestions to get further into the scenario Equalize the sound on videos Add more pictures Add more links to external resources

Challenges we ran into

Two out of three of our team members had no prior experience in web development.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Now all three of our team members have experience in web development! We made amazing connections with other likeminded women at this hackathon and were honored to share our idea and prototype with everyone. We are thankful for all the feedback and words of encouragement we gained.

Our Team

What we learned

We learned how to apply systems engineering to a web development project, how to utilize Bootstrap and override certain elements for a unique website written from scratch using a simple online editor,

What's next for CallOut

We'd like to include more scenarios and to make the scenarios more robust with different outcomes based on user response. We also would like to implement the Bravery Points incentive feature and the virtual wellness garden to maintain user engagement.

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