For our app, we drew inspiration from public safety apps like Noonlight, which were able to be used by mass amounts of people; however, we felt that there was an even wider population of people that would benefit from an app that serves a more common, less extreme purpose...

What it does

That why CallOut is designed as a response to everyday situations: Those times when you're either feeling bored, awkward, uncomfortable, or generally are in any type of situation that you'd wish to get out of. With CallOut, you can press just a single button and instantly have a customizable phone call from our server ringing your phone, giving you the perfect excuse to step out of whatever situation you're in.

How we built it

We divided our group up into a design team and a development team. The design team brainstormed how they wanted the layout of the various pages and took pictures and created logos. The developer team built a python server and connected it to a website, react-native app, and hardware.

Challenges we ran into

We had lots of trouble with React-Native, working out the bugs of the Twilio API, and we had lots of fun adjusting CSS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A working demo of our core functionality: to make phone calls and texts at the click of a button. We also are proud of our own API so that other people can call our API and make it easier and easier to call our program.

What we learned

We learned a lot about React-Native and CSS responsive styling, and also, we learned a lot about patience.

What's next for CallOut App

Next, we plan to update CSS and make the UI as clean as we can. The app is still just a basic demo, and really polishing it off and adding it to app stores for Android and iOS would be important.

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