Hack the North 2018


We were inspired by the Tron and Portal game and decided to create game that took element from both of the classic games.

What it does

It's a PvP, third person shooter in a dynamic portal influence environment. The game was built on top of a game engine provided by Ubisoft using C++ and SFML. The game includes teleportation portals for users, shooting projectiles in all direction, randomized spawn points and an overall fun experience!

Challenges we ran into

We struggled because we did not have much experience with building game engines. Along with that, two of our members, who used Macs, were unable to build the project and hence had to pair program for the entire duration of the hackathon. As for the project itself, managing the collision events proved to be quite challenging especially as there were many entities that had different behaviours and side effects.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We set out for an ambitious goal and we're able to see that in the rear view mirror. We gained a lot of experience C++ and built a really challenging and fun game that we are all proud of.

What's next

A more visually appealing user interface, with sound effects and music added in the background.

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