Imagine you’re at a group gathering, like a college orientation, a business meeting, or even a hackathon, with a lot of new people you’d like to stay in touch with. How can everyone share their contact information with everyone else? This process takes O(n^2) time in the worst case, since people may need to repeat their phone number over and over again to those who didn’t hear. Even in the best case, the algorithm is O(n), since everyone needs to take the time to add everyone else in the group. Obviously, this could use some improvement. How about O(1)? What if you could get through the whole process in 10 taps or less?

Enter CallMeMaybe. One person creates a room and tells everyone the five-character code for the room. Everyone else joins the room, and adds their contact info with a single tap. After everyone's joined, they can all import everyone’s name and phone number into their phone with a single tap. And since CallMeMaybe remembers your name and phone number, once you’re set up the whole procedure just takes a few taps and very little effort.


CallMeMaybe uses Swift and custom graphics to create a beautiful and cutting-edge app for iPhone users. All data is saved on the cloud automatically with Parse, and entire lists of contacts can be stored in the phone’s address book with the tap of a button. We created ParseManager and AddressBookManager singletons, which are highly reusable and customizable.

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