While researching Wolfram APIs, we have found a very interesting API that provides with many interesting data and statistics on various names. The type of data that we are able to get really fascinated us, thus we started brainstorming on how we could apply this amazing data in a useful way.

What it does

Have you ever faced the need of finding the meaning of your name, or person who's important to you? Has any kind of name ever grabbed your interest, that you felt like looking it up? Have you ever faced a struggle of choosing a name for your newborn baby? Then you're at the right place.

How we built it

CallMeByMyName is not another plain platform with endless lists of names. Instead, you get a quick walk-through for unique names that might catch your interest. You can sort them into your favorites and fetch all the statistics you can find on the internet at once. Moreover, you can search any random name such as given name, city names, and country names that you want to learn more about. CallMeByMyName is a progressive web app built with Angular and NodeJS that leverages the Wolfram Alpha Summary Box API, Google Translate API and Google Cloud Platform. We used a domain from

Challenges we ran into

  • Struggled to connect our backend with the database using GCP
  • Had a hard time pulling the data using Wolfram Alpha API; we didn’t know that Wolfram doesn’t store it’s picture data.
  • Connecting to Cloud SQL database
  • WiFi restrictions due to the Firewall

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We're proud that we did so much using GCP console
  • Team work that went fluently
  • We did an amazing web application that is also works with mobile device fully.

What we learned

  • Worked with numerous GCP console applications.
  • Worked as a team and used Git Repository at it fullest to collaborate and divide up the works in a Scrum manner

What's next for CallMeByMyName

  • We can expand our language menu and make analysis on names from different countries in different languages.
  • We can use Machine Learning to find more favorable names for the user after few walk through of random names
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