Add more versatility to the Pebble

What it does

Using the buttons on the Pebble, when pressed, they communicate to the Android. Android then communicates to the TCP java server, which gives the command to press the corresponding key on the computer's keyboard.

How I built it

With the Pebble API, the button commands were made. With Android studio, the button commands were received and sent to a server via localhost that gave the computer's keyboard a specific command to press one of the keys.

Challenges I ran into

The communication between the Android and the computer over wifi was a challenge. Since a port has to be left open to listen for the Android request, it would periodically kick us off the router and We'd have to go to a different location and reestablish connection.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was great being able to dive deep into the Pebble and networking operations. We've seen Pebble many times, so it was nice to explore it further. Likewise, the server side is a weak point for the both of us, so this project was an opportunity to expand our skills and discover more about how these different platforms can communicate. Lastly, after setting up the Oculus and having to manage all the cords, it was nice to know that the Pebble controller has no wires and doesn't involve as much prep as the rest of the devices.

What I learned

So much was learned about the server side of development, and there's still so much left to learn. There's definitely much excitement for another chance to continue growing in that area. The Pebble was simpler, but the more we learned about it, the more we realized how useful it actually can be for daily life if you harness its API in a unique way. I'm curious about the other technologies that can be used in tandem with the Pebble watch.

What's next for Callit

The next step would be to incorporate the accelerometer on the Pebble and create a larger variety of apps and games using the added controls. Finally, much can be done via the Android as the primary communicator between various technologies.

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