Led by an Account Executive who could only spent 30% of his time closing, we sought to improve his efficiency. By a matrix analyses we determined that the limiting factor was lead quality, which is done by Sales Development Representatives.

To solve this problem we needed to find an innovative way to scale SDR's (high turnover), with limited resources. Thus, CallForce was born: a marketplace that crowdsources lead qualification, with our target users being SDR's.

CallForce solves this problem.

The key features we're most proud of are:

  • 2 interfaces: one for SDR's and one for Companies.
  • Call list. An easy way to make lots of calls quickly.
  • Import leads directly from salesforce.
  • Recruit sales reps and give them a test run.
  • Double-opt-in. Sales reps & Companies double-opt-in to find the perfect fit.
  • The speed with which you can build a CallForce of sales reps is unprecedented.
  • Choose your own hours and work from anywhere.

Additional benefits to our CallForce: 1). We provide a hiring channel for sales orgs 2). We solved the CRM clutter formed from 25% CRM turnover every 4 years 3). Ultimately we provide direct communication between companies and their stakeholders, which maximizes SalesForce mission to be a platform.

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