Caller Notes

Have you ever forgotten to say something over the phone? With Caller Notes it wouldn't happen again!

Caller Notes is an application that helps you remember things that you would like to say during the phone call. Thanks to the new Gear device it is done in a more practical way than ever. Talk over the phone and watch your note on the Gear.
How to use it? Just create a note and attach it to a contact or a number. The next time during the call, note will appear on the Gear device.


  • Create and remove notes. Attach them to numbers or contacts.

  • Option to set expiration date of a note.

  • Choose your gear font size and scroll speed.

  • Manage your notes from simple view.

  • Auto-scroll for too long notes (Gear)

  • Auto launch and display notes during the call (Gear)

  • Remove and retain actions (Gear)

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