The Caller Defense System is a telephony-based system. The system would include an infrastructure that would consist of a reporting database, and the implementation of features at telephony switches. The system interfaces with the telephone system directly, and requires no additional end user hardware or software. This setup requires minimal change for end users of the telephone system. A small staff would be required to maintain the database, and monitor reports that come into the system.

In summary, robo-callers would be reported by end users, and would be filtered based off a CAPTCHA system. There would be a messaging system in place to allow messages to be left directly to end-users (similar to a voicemail), mainly to ensure that users aren't accidentally missing calls they wish to receive. We believe that by implementing our system, it ultimately will result in minimal change for end users, and would be extremely cost-effective as opposed to several other alternatives. This system could be rolled out in phases or in specific markets, allowing for a rollout that could begin very quickly, especially since many features used by the system are already available in the telephone system today.

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