In 2030, around 5 billion people will have no or extremely limited access to health care. It is not acceptable to leave them on the side of the road, especially women and kids. Sadly, this is not a new issue. But the covid-19 crisis put in light that even more people are suffering from isolation or financial difficulties. Since the beginning of the outbreak we see across the globe an amazing momentum of generosity, solidarity, empathy. We want to keep it alive and empower with it.

What it does

We aim to develop an app totally free for patients and medical staff to download, register, book consultation and work through it. Doctor, nurses, psychiatrist, midwife, nutritionist etc will be able to connect with patients to deliver consultation, care, monitor them... Part of business model is based on financing a certain number of tele-health consultation for people in needs. So we can contribute to give access or maintain access to health care as much as possible. The app enables social distancing and meanwhile allow to maintain a link with health and care. We also plan to share educational content (video, post, article...) on hygiene, nutrition, best practice heath ...

How I built it

We already have developed a first version of the website in Reactnative

Challenges I ran into

Finalize business plan to be able to deliver the core value of the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

working on this project as it could bring a supportive solution to people

What I learned

How to synthesis the essential to create a clear valuable pitch in a 2 min video

What's next for

Collaborate with other tele-health project from the hackhaton to see how we can support each other, collaborate together in order to launch a strong app Launch the project!

  1. The problem your project solves Because of the Covid-19 a large part of the European population is now isolated and in difficult financial situation. Since Mid-March and for a while, we all need to practice social distancing. Our tele-health platform enables to maintain a link with health care but not only. In crisis situation, it's more than that. It's maintaining and bringing in users' home a social-virtual-contact. And this is crucial.

  2. The solution you bring to the table We aim to disrupt the existing tele-health model system to create a united eco-system to share a free and high quality app for our users (patients and medical staff) and valuable educational content (nutrition best practice, sexual education, hygiene, clean a wound..) . Part of our revenue will finance tele-health consultations for people in needs. Our app is free to download, to use as patient or as doctor (GP, specialist), nurse, midwife. For medical staff, here are the functionality we want implement: Set up and manage your profile with experience and specialty Keep & track medical records of your patients Manage your schedule Provide care, Monitor patients

For Patients, service is listed below: Research medical care giver on our platform Book an appointment an appointment Get a reminder notification for appointments and medication Manage and update your personal profile Keep & track your medical record Send your prescription to your local pharmacy

  1. What you have done during the weekend Working on the business plan and business model. We worked on simulation of the first 3 years budget to analyse cost vs revenue to see how and how many free consultations per year we would be able to finance, We want to make sure that we can deliver our core value, scale our business model to accomplish our mission.

4.The solution’s impact to the crisis Creating a united eco-system, providing, free, user friendly and quality tele-health app and offering free consultation to people in needs

  1. The necessities in order to continue the project We will continue the discussion with other tele-health project's holders to see how we can collaborate. But the most important is to get funds to develop the app and launch marketing campaigns to get thousands of users. The more users we have the more revenue will be generated (data analyze, reasonable advertising, referral commission). We want to make the app available in every European countries.

  2. The value of your solution(s) after the crisis Our app will still be free to download and to use. And we will always dedicated part of our revenue to finance tele-health consultation to people in needs. We plan to allocate 10% of our revenue which should the first year finance around 2000 consultations. In the future, we plan to also launch the app in North, West and Central Africa where tele-heath solution could be very beneficial for the population.

  3. The URL to the prototype [Github, Website,...]

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