There are three steps in this proposal:

  1. Display Biller Telephone Number in Caller ID Field
  2. Create fields for Call Type, Country Code and Robocall Warning
  3. FTC Databases for Carrier Assigned Local Telephone numbers and Disposable Telephone Purchases The big selling points include • The recommendations are simple and fast to implement. Only in Phase 3, if additional controls are needed, does this solution look to building databases and new regulations.
    • Controls are applied when telephone calls enter the U.S. telephone network for every type of telephone channel.
    • The consumer is offered maximum choice. The Federal government will not be accused of making decisions over which telephone calls the consumer can or can not receive. • The carriers are in the business of connecting calls, and this model connects the maximum number of calls and provides the environment where profits can be maximized. • Because the process increases transparency, the FTC will become more nimble in enforcement. As the manual effort to obtain a conviction is reduced, the FTC will be able to apprehend smaller and smaller robocallers.
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