Mobile or Landline phone customers will subscribe to an opt- in, opt -out service called Call Shield to be provided by the telecom carries that will allow a front end message to be established by the customer that subscribes to Call Shield, where they will set up a outgoing message that will advise incoming callers that in order to be passed through they must supply the pass code word “xxxxx” defined by the customer and press key# “x” also defined by the customer, if the password and Key # code is accepted the call will pass through, if not the call will be disconnected. This is a way around some features already out there on the market such as the” do not” disturb feature on some phones, where all calls are blocked except favorites, which could prevent important calls to pass through. Call Shield will provide a the first ever telecom strong password using voice technology and touchtone technology together, in much the same concept strong passwords are being used in setting up new accounts online to ensure they are legitimate accounts.

Individuals can make the choice to opt-in to the service if they no longer want to receive robocalls. Other features of Call Shield can work as a front end answering service to advise people they are traveling or in a meeting and if the call is urgent they can use the pass code to pass through or press a key to leave a message that can be forwarded directly to their voicemail without disturbing the customer.

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