This proposal introduces a new framework called Call Screening Policy Framework (CSPF). The basic idea is to block all calls that have not been previously authorized by the owner of the phone. The idea is simple; block all calls that are not on a list that has been managed by the consumer. For the vast majority of consumers, this list will be very small and manageable. For landlines creating a hardware appliance placed near the incoming line and simply blocking all calls that are not on the pre-approved small list managed by the consumer will stop all unwanted calls. For cell phones an app will perform the same function. To facilitate the management of lists, a newly developed addition to the text records in DNS will help law enforcement and emergency response personal get their numbers published so that consumers can easily add them to their allowed callers list. Retailers and other organizations wishing to earn the consumers business could also participate in the newly developed CSPF. This would virtually stop all unwanted calls with a minimal amount of effort.

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