Call Screener v4 is an advanced call screening software application for landline phones that runs on Windows computers. Beyond the usual features of a call screener, i.e. the ability to block or unconditionally allow calls by caller ID number, Call Screener v4 adds the following features that greatly enhance the ability to block robocalls over the usual call screeners:

● The ability to block calls by caller name (such as “800 Service” or “Card Services”).

● The ability to gather from the internet the most complained about annoying callers and to automatically include them in the user's call blocking list.

Also, Call Screener v4 provides a button on its user interface to initiate reporting of Do Not Call List violations to the National Do Not Call Registry. By facilitating the ability to report Do Not Call List violations, Call Screener v4 should help contribute to the reduction of robocalls over the long run.

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