Call of Shooty is based off of the nostalgic title Call of Duty. It is designed to show our capabilities for starting a small game from nothing. Everyone in the group likes shooter games and we were enticed to build one. We wanted to implement something.

What it does

It is a first person shooter simulator game that was aimed to allow the player to compete against a designed artificial intelligence bot. There was a single map that was implemented into the game. It is meant to immerse the player to the best of our abilities by having sound effects that are synced to walking animations firing animations and more.

How we built it

We had used unity to implement the physics of the game, the firing mechanic, the walking mechanic, aiming mechanic and more. Then we used Photoshop to make the title screen and the character design as well as the maps. Audio loops were implemented to make the sounds sync up. Then targets/bots were programmed in order to provide some entity for the player to aim/shoot at.

Challenges we ran into

The process of implementing enemy targets proved to be the most challenging problem as it was the thing that took the most time. Also time was a slight issue as we wanted to produce the best product while still in the time limits.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Implementing the actual map the player is on was a big feat. Also implementing the sound files so the loop syncs the gun and walking animations well was a good achievement. Lastly the targets and the collisions of the targets were the last step to completing a functional version of the game; however the targets could be strengthened to fire back if we had more time.

What we learned

We learned some of the basics we need for unity, and then we also had to go to the lesson for HTML and learned all about HTML which was new to a few members of our group. We also learned a little about graphic design required to implement and design games.

What's next for Call of Shooty

There are several possible following steps for Call of Shooty: One would be to expand the weapon list, or design several more maps, the other would to be create an AI that fires back. Another possible thing we could do is design a mod to use in the actual Call of Duty in older versions of the game that are mod-able such as Call of Duty : World at War, because we learned the experience of designing the map and making the basic mechanics work. We could develop a map that is much more detailed and creative to implement as a mod in the game that would be available to the public.

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