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What it does:

Call Me Maybe is an instant pick up line generator that will allow the user to instantly generate a pick up line in order to exponentially boost their Tinder Game or any other time you may be trying to woo that special honey. Going to NJIT, it is very noticeable that many male individuals are not the sharpest when interacting with a person of the opposite sex. Specifically, I had a discussion with my roommate, who will remain unnamed, about the difficulties he has been experiencing in this department. We could not decide which pick up line he should use in order to really hook in his most recent Tinder match. We consulted many different references and sources however, everything that came up seemed to be clichè. Through the use of this app, it will ease the process of finding that zinger that will hook in We hope that this app changes the game of many single individuals as well as revolutionize the concept of dating interactions.

How we built it:

We primarily used Java to code Call Me Maybe, in addition to XML. We created multiple arrays full of possible pickup lines and randomly generated numbers to use as the index to the array. There are multiple options for what type of pick up line you wish to use. One option is to choose a category, such as school or cheesey, and then we would use a function to access the array that contains pick up lines of that topic as element. For out more bold users, another option is to be granted a mix and match pick up line. This is done with the use of two arrays to create a pickup line that has never been used before and is charmingly confusing. We used Android Developer and Sketch to make Call Me Maybe a fully functioning application for Android devices. We also created our own logo using Microsoft Office and Paint.

Challenges we ran into:

One issue that we encountered was transferring code for the design into the implementation in Android Studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

One accomplishment that we are proud of is creating a fully functioning application within the time restrictions. We are also proud of the pick up lines the app provides, especially the lines we made-up ourselves. The mix and match feature is also something that we think makes this app stand out, as there are not many places to find a pick up line roulette generator.

What we learned:

We learned more about the in depth process of making an Android application.

What's next for Call Me Maybe:

The Call Me Maybe team hopes to continue to work on the app in the future. We would like to add even more categories for the generator. One day, we plan on having Call Me Maybe available on the app store for Android and iPhone.

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