People always look for a neighborhood which is nice and affordable. A place where you can live a comfortable life in your near perfect home. So,we came up with this smart and helpful idea that provided people with the exact data they are looking for, to help them find their home, and be accessible to everyone who's looking for a place in California.

What it does

CaliHomes-Info is a webpage that allows an user to interpret data, and find the suitable locality using coordinates, all from a pre-defined open source dataset.

How We built it

We brainstormed ideas and chose this idea because we felt people in and around California would find it most useful. Then we discussed our skill sets and divided our tasks accordingly. GitHub was used to share the files. Throughout the journey of converting this idea into a website, we helped each other out.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we faced was coordinating with different skills that we have. Our skill sets are very different (almost different domains of work) and we had difficulty organizing our idea onto a page. We had to stay up late and wake up early to get done with our tasks and run until the final moments of the deadline. Another challenge we faced was getting a domain name. None of us in our team had a credit card, so we weren't able to get our desired domain from

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We established a webpage in less than 12 hours and learned a lot on the aspects of our skills that we need to work on for better collaboration in the upcoming hackathons.

What's next for CaliHomes-Info

Currently our website is still static. We plan to add databases and user information to make it fully functional. We also plan to add a Machine Learning model that accurately predicts the median price of each house according to the requirements of the user. Afterwards, we want to open it to the public and get worldwide.

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