Provides warnings to those who could be affected by a natural disaster.

In November 2018, California had a huge fire that took the lives of 86 people in addition to $16.5 billion of structures. In 2019, California had 6,872 fire incidents. In addition to the many floods that have also occurred, California is scheduled to have a huge earthquake soon. In fact, just yesterday, there was an earthquake of magnitude 4.4 near Mammoth Lake. Structures can be replaced but human lives can not. That is why we have created this software. By subscribing, users get warnings of natural disasters in California occurring near them, based on their zip code, and tips on how to stay safe for that specific natural disaster. Although we were able to split up the tasks very evenly, incorporating our respective work into the project we envisioned was a huge challenge. After uploading the data users inputted from our website to FireStore, we had to cross-reference the data extracted from the natural disaster prediction API and cross-reference it with the data we stored in FireStore to determine the recipients and the messages we would send using the Twilio API. Although it was frustrating at times, we were all proud of our final product and all the new technologies we learned through the development of this project.

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