Growing up in California, we have seen the devastating effects of climate change and human pollution. From witnessing oil spills, forest fires, smog, and low water-levels, we wanted people who do not have access to educate themselves about the environment to be able to view pertinent information in the comfort of their home. In order to make the crucial environmental changes, the average person must be knowledgeable about the issues that affect our current and prospects for an environmentally safer future.

What it does

As environmentally conscious students, we wanted to develop an information website that send flyers about certain environmental topics, ranging from droughts to wildfires.

How we built it

Frontend: We used Figma for the rough draft of the website template, NicePage for the building blocks of the final draft site, VSCode to edit the HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Backend: We used Python, Lob API, and Flask.

Challenges we ran into

Many of us are beginners and either have never coded or are very new to coding. Learning how to utilize Lob API, and Flask was challenging as a beginner.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figuring out how to use Lob API, completing the frontend portion of the website

What we learned

Working in a timely and fast-paced manner.

What's next for Cali-Eco

Having more in-depth descriptions and pages dedicated to each topic to further educate the public about each environmental effect.

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