This project is created by Ryan Tan, Vinay Chadalavada, and Christopher Lung. Project "Watch Your Step" is inspired by turbulent events around the world. While traveling/commuting, it is in the travelers/commuters' best interest to understand the dangers of their locations. Therefore, we have created a rudimentary index for safety known as Safety Index. This index is intended to provide sufficient information regarding whether or not the searched location is safe.

From this project, we have learned the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We learned how the three languages intertwine with one another to create a functioning website. We are astonished at the rate of which we were soaking up knowledge about the languages. What originally seemed foreign is now familiar.

In order to build this website, we had to learn the skill as we go. We first came up with a plan and wrote down our main goal and some side goals. Then we essentially divide and conquered each task until we had a product. Coming in as three amateurs with limited experiences, we read some beginner documentation for HTML and CSS. We figured one of our main goals would be to implement a map, so we decided to read up on how to use the Google Map API. This process was not simple because Javascript is a lot more foreign than we had originally anticipated. Through trial and error, we overcame the problem. The slideshow for the homepage was also challenging. Trying to intertwine three languages together proved much harder than expected. A lot of online research and trials and errors were done to make sure that the homepage was functional.

Overall, a lot of challenges were due to our lack of experience but we managed to pull through and have a project ready by the deadline.

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