Fudget is a smart and efficient mobile app that allows users to take pictures of their receipts and store all purchases in one location. We targeted college students and other young people living on a monthly budget so that they could easily track their expenses and target the areas they need to improve their spending on. Using the Google Cloud Vision API, our team was able to scrape data mined from the CV analysis. We categorized and added these values so that their total would subtract from the total monthly budget and display for the user to see.

Categories include: Restaurant/Food, Coffee, Groceries, Bookstore, Clothing, Other (transportation is usually payed via phone) Information accessible to the user on each item include: Name, date bought, price, store location, and category.

Our user interface strategically allows users to get a visual sense of how much money they spent on each category and how much they have left.

The backend is coded in node.js, the mongoDB database is deployed on mlabs, and the server is deployed on Heroku apps. The front end is coded with react-native.js on the expo platform.

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