In these uncertain times, many patients are unable to consult their doctors in person, and many doctors are unable to find the time to meet with patients that do not need urgent care. Our Doctor-Patient Matching App is meant to connect anonymous patients with verified doctors with quick questions so that patients always have access to accurate health information and doctors have enough time to answer questions.

What it does

What it is supposed to do: First, tell us whether you are a doctor or a patient. If you are a doctor, tell us information such as your name, languages you speak, amount of requests you are willing to take per week, etc. Then, we verify that you are a licensed doctor by checking that your name is in the database (for this project we used a sample database of doctors). If you are a patient, tell us info like your age, gender, language, and preferred method of communication.

Then, if you are a patient, you are randomly assigned a username like Patient5 or Patient123 to protect privacy. You can either submit a request form with a description of your problem and what specialty of doctor you are looking for, or you can click on our list of doctors on the app and pick a specific doctor to send your requests to. On their homepage, doctors will see a list of their requests with the descriptions of the patient's problem/question. If they decline the request because they are too busy, the request goes away and is assigned to another random doctor of the same specialty (who speaks the same language as the patient). If the doctor accepts the request, they will see the patient's email, phone number, social media, or the contact info for whichever method of communication the patient prefers. Then, the doctor can contact the patient on their own. Once the question is answered, the doctor or patient can mark the request as done at any time.

On the patient home screen, they will see a list of their requests, which will either say pending or accepted. After a request is marked as done, the patient can submit and optional review form of their experience.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and Github to collaborate.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was all of our first hackathon, we ran into lots of problems not being able to correctly implement all our ideas.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first hackathon and first time working together! We got a lot closer, and had alot of fun.

What we learned

Use Github Desktop.

What's next for calhacks

This was an amazing experience!

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