Everyday, we see millions of people taking pictures. Family photos, selfies, everything is now captured forever on a little screen. But have you ever had that time, when someone couldn't be in the photo cause they had to take it? or when you had that awkward conversation because you asked someone to take it and they couldn't? We decided to solve this issue by building a robot.

What it does

It takes photos every 20 seconds from your iphone, which is placed in a moving robot that you can control with wires. The pictures are then uploaded onto a website where you can browse all your photos for your enjoyment, with auto added tags for each picture.

How I built it

For the app, we used objective-c to build the camera function. We used Magnet to upload all the photos taken onto the website. The hardware robot was built using Arduino and Stepper engines.

Challenges I ran into

Keeping the robot together was very difficult.

What's next for The Little Blue Engine that Could

Object recognition, GPS tracking

Built With

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