As a group, we were inspired by the struggles many university students go through both academically and socially. Many times we've heard people say how hard it is to make new friends on campus, and we decided that this was a great opportunity to help solve both of those problems.

Challenges we ran into

Every person in the group ran into trouble with version control. At some point, every group member was ready to pull their hair out over a stubborn exception that refused to go away. We persevered, and every group member had the opportunity to contribute their portion to the project. Additionally, in the night we ran into trouble with lack of direction and motivation, (as often happens in the middle of a project with no sleep!). We kept morale up through simple camaraderie and with the help of short naps every few hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of the GUI was made in a very short period of time when we felt beaten down and like we might not make it. The fact that through dedication and sheer force of will we managed to have a functioning GUI is something we feel we can wear with pride.

What we learned

None of us had much experience with GUI/front end development or version control outside of personal projects. Now, we all know how to use git without hiccups and although we may not be experts in GUI development, we have all formed a great base for the future.

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