We wanted to make a game that connects Calgary. Our game revolves around building community, engaging in volunteerism, and promoting local businesses. We wanted way to get socially isolated demographics out and about Calgary to events and activities. We wanted to give people the incentive of a fun game to engage in Calgary.

What it does

Our platforms is connected to a database of ID's( credentials) and events. There are 2 different users: Event Organizer (ft. Calgary.PPT) and the event visitors. So, from the platforms, request will be sent to the servlets forwarded to the database and processes and then creates a response according to the request.

How I built it

We started off with creating database, and the 2 platforms side by side (divided amongst the group). we kept learning and implementing simultaneously. Performed regular checks and uploaded on github for others to incorporate the changes in their system. After implementation, we made it appealing and added simple documentations.

Challenges I ran into

  • Learning new languages
  • Connecting platforms to the database
  • Met for the first time, so didn't know each other's experience or abilities, so learning about each other. so we learnt new language to incorporate into the project. Explaining new concepts to unfamiliar members and using everyone's ability to an advantage. ## Accomplishments that I'm proud of Working in a diverse environment worked to find a language where everyone can settle came up with a prototype, and a base of the database and servlets is functional.

What I learned

github, jsp, servlets, swift, css, java

What's next for Calgary.PPT

Fixing minor bugs.

Built With

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