Making sure to stay on top of work is difficult regularly, however with quarantine and extremely high stress levels, it's only gotten harder. We wanted to take the planning out of it. All a user needs to do is enter their tasks and when they want to finish them by, calenJars will take care of the rest. It gives you an optimal schedule based on your tasks and deadlines. We built the application using React Native and even implemented most of the UI from scratch. We encountered a few challenges, especially with integrating the backend with the frontend. Additionally, we faced some issues with developing an effective UI that allowed users to enter in time restrictions (when they didn't want to work). We are extremely proud of the fact that we finished developing all the screens and the backend works, independently. We learnt that we should make better use of Git and integrate during development rather than working separately. In the future, we would like to make a more customizable UI for the calendar and allow users more flexibility with creating events.

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