I always liked history on the side and wanted to showcase my love for it in a web app.

What it does

CalendWar allows you to pick any date from a calendar and then dynamically shows you wars,conflicts,deaths, and births that have happened on that exact day in previous years

How we built it

I built this with React.JS on the frontend, Firebase as the backend to authenticate and authorize users, and Firebase Firestore as the database. Styling was done with the React Material UI framework.

Challenges I ran into

I had to speed up my work significantly because this hackathon was only 24 hours and I started off with designing a lot of things and had to keep telling myself to work on the Minimum Viable Project mostly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm usually a very slow developer taking my time to test and be careful but today and yesterday opened a whole new world for me on how fast I could code a fullstack Javascript application in just 24 hours.

What we learned

I trued firebase once while in a tutorial project but never really got to use it that much. This was my first major project using React and Firebase and I learnt how to authenticate/authorize users in Firebase instead of using Node + Express to do so. I also learnt the CRUD(create, read, update delete) methods in Firestore and they were similar to MongoDB in a way.

What's next for CalendWar

Frontend: Backend: I want to allow users to sign in with email/password and other major OAuth account providers on top of with Google. Database: I want to get users to save their bookmarked dates and specific events on those dates which get stored in a dashboard via Firestore. The user can then click on one of their bookmarked dates and be redirected to what happened on that day/ the day in the calendar.

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