✨ Inspiration ✨

Qoom was an amazing platform that allowed all of us to work on the website simultaneously no matter where we are in the world. We have half of our teammates from another country and it was awesome that they were able to work on the same thing as we were! This inspired us to create a project that allowed for hands on activity no matter the time. A calendar seemed like a project that we were able to conquer with the amount of days that we had.

πŸ’» What it does πŸ’»

This website allows you to create an account or log in if you have one. Once logged in, it brings you to the specific month you're on with the current day highlighted. You're able to log out once you're done and it will bring you right back into the log in page.

πŸ”§ How we built it πŸ”§

Everyone worked on something a little different. One person had came up with the idea and adjusted the front end to look cohesive. We have another person that personalized the webpages to his liking as this was a great learning experience. One worked on the functionality of the website and another helped with the calendar functionality as well as auto-populating the days.

β›ˆ Challenges we ran into β›ˆ

At first we ran into issues with the date populating into the calendar, however we were able to get around that. Centering our divs and other blocks were a little difficult at first as things were interfering with each other.

πŸ… Accomplishments that we're proud of πŸ…

We're proud of being able to have a functional website that is able to have users create a username and password that works.

πŸ“š What we learnedπŸ“š

We learned a lot from each other as well as coding in JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

πŸ“… What's next for Calender WebsiteπŸ“…

We would eventually like to add some functionality in regards to being able to save events.

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