Students often struggle with financial debt and academic work but also to balance those struggles together. We wanted to assist our students in the school that utilizes Discord as a platform to set reminders for them to meet up their dues consistently.

This is a bot that functions to set reminders for students to remind them on paying and submitting their dues in time whether it's financial or academic work. This is supposed to assist students with time management and possibly balance work overload to meet their expectations in time for pay or work.

We implemented the code syntax within Python and we utilized the code to make a specific bot that interacts with Discord. We made a structure where we used a calendar, timing, and due dates that are set to correlate with bills, homework, and other events.

Discord py is out of date and we had to utilize older libraries. We had to set specifically named commands that wouldn't conflict with bills and classes with specific assignments.

Accomplishments that we're happy for working out are correlating code separately from dues for bills and assignments for classes. As well as to store our dues until they reached the exact due time and date.

What we learned is how to use discord developer API and utilize that with Python libraries to communicate with each other. We also were able to sort our code better and set specific functions to work a specific way that we want to be configured.

What's next for Calendar Time Management Bot (CTM) is to improve on commands wording and efficiency but as well as to add a calendar to interact with some sort of display that is compatible with windows. Eventually set due dates to be private if need to and have the bot be able to tag people to set as an alarming reminder for due dates.

We used Python libraries from Discord, asyncio, and dotenv.

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