Hackathon is the inspiration to build a unique solution of viewing Calendar of any year dynamically.

What it does

It dynamically pulls the days of a month and year and maps them correctly to the particular day of a week. It differentiates holidays with normal days by displaying the holidays in Orange colour.

How I built it

I have built it using below this

  1. Sites to view 3 tabs as below: a. First or Default landing tab: "Calendar 2018" (dynamic showing current year calendar months with holidays listed in orange color)

    b. Second Tab: "Calendar by Month & Year" - Here, user can select the month and year he/ she want to navigate to. The days are dynamically pulled and mapped to corresponding day of a week by logic. Also, he/ she can create events on selection of particular day in that month and year. User can also view all the holidays list in a grid below the month.

    c. Third Tab: "Upcoming Events" - User can view his/ her created upcoming events in a record grid and view its summary upon clicking the link of Event name.

  2. Integration object to make an API call to get the Holidays list dynamically.

  3. Used all other supporting Appian objects to build this Application.

Challenges I ran into

Time being the Challenge as I am occupied in Project work with Client and deployment in to Production being in the same time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am really very happy and proud of what I could do so far as I transformed my idea on Calendar exactly as what I thought of in Appian.

I am really thankful to Appian Hackathon which has been my inspiration and pulled me to work on the possibilities.

What I learned

I have learnt that everything can be achievable in any tool. It's just the way it works can be different but nothing is Impossible!

What's next for Calendar

I would like to add differentiation between normal days with events and holidays with events to be represented in a different style with star appended (which I am still in Progress).

Pre-requisite to access below Site URL is: user should be a member of "CAL All Users" Group.

Built With

  • documents
  • integration
  • records
  • reports
  • sail
  • sites
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