At the beginning of each quarter, I send my schedules to my friends to make it easier to make plans. Then when a friend texts me to grab lunch at 11:50am, I just happen to be free, and it feels like magic. We wanted to bring this same easy of scheduling to large groups.

What it does

If you want to find a time to get together with friends, you can log into our site, create an event, and invite your friends. Then we automatically cross reference everybody's Google calendars to find a good time, look at individuals' profiles to find a restaurant that suits the group, and then automatically invite everyone to a Google Calendar event.

How we built it

We used the Google Calendar and the Google Places APIs to gather information about users and automatically create a planned event. Our user interface and database was created using Meteor.

What we learned

When we started integrating the APIs into our Meteor framework, we ran into problems with asynchronous callbacks. We resolved these issues by calling functions recursively to prevent our code from advancing before the API calls returned relevant data. It was also our first time exploring APIs, and there was definitely a learning curve.

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