Wanted to keep track of my day. I wanted to make something similar earlier but couldn't figure out how to do it, so I wanted to test myself.

What it does

Create an account. Login/sign up. You can add and edit events. Can only view the events that you created

How I built it

All of the days in the calendar were made using the Date object in JavaScript. All of the Events were connected to the user who made it. So you have to have an account in order to use it, or the website doesn't work.

Challenges I ran into

using the HTML input type = date and time. the type=date stored in the yyyy-mm-dd (ex 2020-08-23) instead of mm-dd-yyyy (ex 08-23-2020). The type=time stored in the 24 hour time so I had to do some time conversions. Another problem was deleting events. I thought I implemented it right, but instead of deleting the event from the database it just cleared all the fields. ex: eventTitle: "title". After deleting it it would be, eventTitle: null.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did 90% of this in like 4 hours

What I learned

What's next for Calendar App

Deleting Events

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