Google Calendar handles time-zones poorly 'n offers no tools t' resolve conflictin' events. Th' UT CS calendar be also incredibly cluttered wit' events that don't 'ave as high o' a priority fer all users. Th' interface needed t' become more visually appealin' 'n easy t' use. We set out t' fix that.

Wha' it does

Pirate-themed Calendarrgh! uses th' Google Calendar API t' fix timezone errors 'n automatically create events drawn from UTCS emails. It also offers a visualization tool, allowin' th' user t' prioritize conflictin' events 'n swab up calendars as ugly as gizzards. Th' visualization tool displays bubbles in a slice o' time on an analog tog, correspondin' t' an event's start 'n end time. (Events from 1 t' 2 are stored in th' 1-2 pie slice).

How we built it

Google Calendar API 'n Python fixes time zones 'n automatically creates events from emails. Visualization tool uses jQuery, PHP, 'n HTML.

Challenges we ran into

Gettin' a Python file t' run from our website. Looked into CGI, mod_wsgi, etc. but could nah implement in time :(

Accomplishments that we be proud o'

Utilizin' Google Calendar API, none o' our crew has any prior experience workin' wit' APIs. Makin' a pretty cool basic mind map

Wha' we learned

Unless ye _ know _ how t' run a Pythons script from th' web, jus' code in Javascript from th' beginnin'. We were greedy fer too much _ booty _ 'n ended up drinkin' more rum than our livers could handle (worry nah, fer that be a metaphor).

Wha's next fer Calendarrgh!

Integratin' th' Python scripts into th' website, usin' NLP t' scan all emails fer events rather than jus' those from UTCS, 'n improvin' our visualization tool. Move everythin' o'er t' our domain: Integrate interactive features into th' clock like changin' priority o' events 'n scuttlin' unnecessary events. Also allow th' synchronization o' multiple calendars.

Ye needs t' open th' URL below in Google Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. Safari doesn't work as o' yet.

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