CALDANCE origine from the the “Calorie Dance" which means if user burn calorie and doing exercise with us, they will not only earn health but also crypto, we are inspired by a TV drama Black Mirror Episode to demonstrate the future of the fitness and earn. And we want to base on web3.0 model to build a new fitness ecosystem & brand.

What it does

CALDANCE position ourself as a project between the miner machine mode and GameFi X2Earn economic model. Players do exercise through the CALDANCE-certified equipment by the project to generate real and credible exercise data. Based on these valuable data development CALDANCE ECO. To solve and avoid the risk of Ponzi inflation in the existing X2EARN project.

How we built it

Our core team have a strong background in fitness industry and blockchain with different successful proejects. We start from develop the whole CALDANCE brand & product design by our European design team and then integrate both hardward & software team to develop the whole fitness & earn ecosystem.

Challenges we ran into

Because we want to integrate with physical product with Web3.0 model,so how to expand and approach more user quickly is the key to grow and the key challenge that we are facing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have launch two pre-order campaign and sold out 1000 units already to user/distributors and our overall products and app will be launch in Oct. Currently the project is on good progress to launch officially in Oct and grow to next steps.

What we learned

Web3.0 users acquisitions is quite different than Web2.0 which means that we need to start from community building and build different partnership with different projects/partners in order to bring the right seeds user to join us.We learned a lot from web 3.0 progress and at the same time to integrate our marketing experiences in fitness/sport industry.

What's next for CALDANCE

There are several steps that under our plan to develop, firstly we will full launch in Oct and our token will be listed on exchange and expand the core users base. Our next step will be to release more interactive features such as more NFT collection/accessories in our app. That's stage 1.0. CALDANCE 2.0 we will start to build a shared economy model to allow not only end user but also gym or business to join which means user can go to the CALDANCE partner's gym to do exercise and share token. Then 3.0 more equipments will be launched as well to step by step complete the ecosystem and build a CALDANCE universe.

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