The original calculator is not powerful enough to deal with complicate maths calculation, so we need a powerful one.

What it does

It does most mathematical questions with an algebra way and return the answer by voice

How we built it

We use Alexa to deal with voice input, and throw the text data to wolfram alpha to get the calculation done and alexa can say the result, which is returned from wolfram alpha api.

Challenges we ran into

How to process language, how to trim it to fit our needs, how do we trim wolfram api return values to make it more human acceptable

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is so useful and handy for engineering and science students. And it uses a tidy way to deal with different data which does not put load on our server.

What we learned

How the Alexa is designed for this and how to use Alexa to provide user with next level of interaction.

What's next for Calculator_Alpha

We are now building a Sentiments Analyser for normal people, which by simply asking Alexa, how someone feels today. And it will return the emotions of that one to users by using different apis.

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