This isn't just another pushbutton calculator. Most calculator apps on your computer have an inefficient button interface, and previous equations must be accessed through copy/paste or cannot be accessed at all. Calcpad Quipmaths is a calculator that is designed to be used in a desktop environment. The only buttons are the buttons on your keyboard. Enter an expression in the text area, and results on the other side are updated live as you type. If you are solving a problem with multiple steps, you can reference previous lines using $ and the number of the line.

If you're also seeking a calculator that will liven up your experience with the most demeaning of insults, Calcpad Quipmaths also offers a Roast Mode. Write a simple expression like 4+3? Why didn't you just do that in your head bud? Use decimals? Just round next time, they don't matter. Small quips like these can only serve to enhance your calculating experience, and it's only available on Calcpad Quipmaths.

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